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Japanese Learning Resources


I was creating a list of online Japanese learning resources on Notion, so I figured I'd put it here as well for everyone's convenience. This will be updated as I find more resources.

Feel free to suggest any websites you know as well.

JLPT oriented material

  • Marshall Yin's Website - a fully featured, comprehensive course on Japanese, with complete study materials and detailed reference for learning Japanese and preparing for any level of JLPT.

    It even has quizzes and tests and badge to help motivate yoourself.

  • Wasabi Self Learning Materials - a storehouse of a large collection of Japanese learning materials including videos. This is the free portion of their service.

General Learning

  • Tofugu - A well maintained and written blog with well researched articles on many, many aspects of the Japanese language, fully explained.
  • Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese - A free online book(incomplete), plus grammar related resources and more useful links.
  • Emory University Japanese Kanji Podcast - A set of 173 free recordings on iTunes for learning kanji.
  • Kanji Damage - A wiki for 1,700 kanji with funny explanations, simple mnemonics for radicals, and yo mama jokes, filtered out based on usefulness.
  • Cure Dolly's Japanese from Scratch - set of youtube tutorials on the basic concepts on which Japanese is built.

Practice Tools

  • Don's Japanese Conjugation Drill - for auto-generated Verb and Adjective conjugation practice.
  • Koohi - A place to aggregate reading material and practice vocabulary from them, create flashcards, and more.
  • Kana Pro - for auto-generated Hiragana and Katakana reading practice.
  • WaniKani - A comprehensive vocabulary practice tool, free till basic level.
  • Nihongo Kentei - a challenge based practice tool for upto 7th grade(N1) level Japanese.


  • - A comprehensive online dictionary compiled from multiple sources. It also includes example sentences with translations, audio for many words, kanji stroke order, JLPT level of each entry, and more. There are search plugins for chrome and firefox you can get for easier lookup.

Reading Material

  • Crystal Hunters - A manga which is oriented primarily toward beginner Japanese readers, with a full guide on how to read and understand the book.
  • itzuraneko - a fully featured practice tool, with 20 years of material.
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