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Structures like "skulle gjort" and "skulle gjøre"


I have mostly self-learned Norwegian without much emphasis on grammar. Occasionally I see expressions like "skulle gjort", sometimes with "gjort" replaced by another verb. I would expect to see the verb in infinitive (but without "å") after verbs like "må", "kan", "skal", etc., including different tenses of them. Alternatively, I would expect "skulle ha gjort".

Is there a difference between "skulle gjøre" and "skulle gjort"? Or is "skulle gjort" simply a version with omitted "ha"? Does this construction have a name?

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This would be something called conditional mood (No: kondisjonalis), since is something that comes with a condition, "I should have done it, but...".

Kondisjonalis comes in two forms, one with "skulle + infinitive", one with "skulle (ha) + past participle". "Skulle gjort" is indeed the same as the more correct "skulle ha gjort". The auxiliary verb/hjelpeverb "ha" is often omitted in informal situations.

The Norweigan wikipedia page kondisjonalis explains the various subtle differences between the two forms very well and gives examples where "ha" may be omitted.

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Takk for svaret. Maybe you would like to add this article to the answer, too: ‭tommi‭ 20 days ago

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